How to Choose a Cookware Set

How to Choose a Cookware Set

It’s hard to know where to start when you are looking for a new cookware set but luckily we’ve got a specialist on hand at Livingston Designer Outlet to help. The ProCook team know just what to consider when you are replacing or upgrading your pans and they’ve offered us some basic tips to get us started on how to choose a cookware set.

Hob type

This is the most important tip when you are choosing cookware – ensure you choose a set that is fully compatible with your hob type. Modern kitchens often come fitted with an induction hob, but as many of us have learned through experience, not all pans work on induction! ProCook have a huge range of induction cookware, so it’s a great place to start, and if you are in doubt about which pans are suitable for your hob, ask in a store before you purchase.

How you cook

When choosing which pieces to include in your cookware set think about the meals you like to cook and the pans you tend to reach for regularly, then base your set around those core items. If you’re not sure, then going for something like this 6-piece Professional Stainless Steel set with 3 saucepans, a frying pan, a casserole and a stockpot should cover all the bases!

Uncoated metal or non-stick

The technology for non-stick coatings has improved greatly over the last few years, ensuring the very best cooking experience in non-stick cookware. ProCook has a huge range of cookware offering a range of superior non-stick coatings, but for those people that prefer uncoated metal saucepans, they also have plenty to choose from – something for everyone!


Do you prefer a lighter or heavier saucepan or frying pan? Aluminium pans tend to be lighter, and the heavier cookware is made from stainless steel or cast iron, so bear this in mind when you are choosing a cookware set. It’s easier to judge the weight of a pan if you have it in your hand, so visit a store to get a good feel for what works for you.

Strain and pour feature

It’s worth considering the convenience of ‘strain and pour’ saucepans which have vented lids and a spout for pouring. Draining vegetables is so much easier with this feature.

Dishwasher safe

Did you know that many cookware sets are now dishwasher safe? Make the end of mealtimes easier by choosing a cookware set that is fully dishwasher safe.

Is it guaranteed?

Whilst a good quality cookware set will last for years and years, it’s always good to know you are covered if your cookware set becomes faulty due to a manufacturing default, so consider choosing a cookware set that comes with a guarantee. All ProCook cookware comes with either a 10 or 25-year guarantee for that extra peace of mind.

Style, quality and price

Let’s face it, for some of us it’s all about style and when you are investing in items for your kitchen it’s important that you are happy with the look you are going for. ProCook has eight quality ranges of cookware with different features and styles, so you can rest assured that there will be a look to suit you. There are also a wide range of prices to suit every budget, from Gourmet Stainless Steel and Gourmet Non-stick right up to the premium luxury range, Signature by ProCook.

And finally… ask the expert

Nothing beats the exceptional service you get with an in-store salesperson advising you, so for all your cookware questions head into the ProCook store for the very best advice on purchasing cookware!