ProCook University Essentials

ProCook University Essentials

University essentials: what you really need to take.

Congratulations! If you’re reading this you or someone in your family have probably passed their exams and are preparing for one of the most exciting new chapters of their life as they head off to university, but what should graduates be packing? ProCook have your kitchen essentials covered.

Must-have cookware for university kitchens

Cookware set – with three saucepans and a 28cm frying pan, this set includes everything needed to cook your favourite dishes with ease. 

Gourmet Non-Stick 4 Piece Set £99

Glass ovenware – a hack that all students should know about, cooking in these dishes is great you can simply put the lid on and pop any leftovers in the freezer. 

Glass Ovenware 3 Piece Set £19

Non-Stick Baking Tray – probably the most versatile piece of kit, it’s great for roasting vegetables, baking cookies, cooking pizzas or even sliding into the bottom of the oven to catch any overflowing sauces. 

Non-Stick Baking Tray £7

Knives and accessories every student needs

Standard Knife Set – covering all bases from veg prep through to meat carving, invest in a knife set which has a blade for every job.

Designpro Titanium Knife Set with Charcoal Block £39

Chopping Board Set – a colour coded chopping board set will ensure you keep meat, fish and veg separate, reducing cross-contamination.

Designpro Chopping Board Set £29

Wooden Utensil Set – often overlooked, a basic utensil set will see you all the way through your university experience. 

Wooden Utensil Set £5

A Y-Shaped Peeler – this peeler is much easier to use than a standard one, and thanks to its sturdiness will help keep slips and injuries to a minimum. 

Y-Shaped Peeler £7

Glass Measuring Jug – you’ll be surprised how often measuring jug can be used at uni; baked beans, scrambled egg and mushy peas are all quick to whip up in the microwave and are great for when you need food in a hurry. 

Glass Measuring Jug £12

Can Opener – having canned food in the cupboard is a great back up for days where you can’t face popping to the shops or need a quick refuel mid-essay. 

Can Opener £3

Dining with friends and housemates

Moving to a new place with new people is an exciting and nerve wracking experience, but if there is one thing that always brings people together it’s good food. Whether it’s cooking a fry up for the morning after the night before, tucking into a roast dinner with  flatmates or fuelling a heavy night of essay-writing, food will become a major part of university life so make sure all the essentials are covered!

12 Piece Dinner Set – accidents are a given when living in shared accommodation so buying a set that is unmistakably yours will reduce the likelihood of any arguments over who used what, and who hasn’t washed up! 

Stockholm 12 Piece Set £49

Cutlery Set – a basic necessity, a good set of cutlery will last you beyond the end of your studies. The Soho range from ProCook boasts a 4.9 out of 5 star rating so ProCook customers love it almost as much as we do. 

Soho Cutlery Set £34

A favourite mug – in times of need we often turn to a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate for comfort and when it feels all a bit too much sipping from our favourite mug can make a world of difference. 

Star Mug £5

Salt and Pepper Mill – seasoning can completely make or break a meal, so don’t get caught short without a salt and pepper mill when you move in. 

Stainless Steel Salt or Pepper Mill Set £24

Don’t forget these university kitchen essentials

Double oven glove – a must-have in the kitchen, no student should be without a durable pair of oven gloves. 

Double Oven Glove £9

Tea towel set – tea towels will become like gold dust at university as everyone hunts for a clean one. Prepare for the panic by bringing along a set of three with you and in a darker colourway any marks and stains will be better hidden. 

Tea Towel 3 Piece Set £9

Potato Masher – this easy to hold potato masher will give you full control over consistency and is easier to use than traditional alternatives. 

Potato Masher £5

Pestle and Mortar – marinating gives food a real kick of flavour, so if you want to liven up your student meals with tasty herb and spice blends then you won’t want to be without a pestle and mortar. 

Marble Pestle & Mortar £10

Cheese Grater – everybody knows that any meal can be saved if you pile a load of cheese on top, right? No student kitchen should be without a box grater, it really is that simple. 

Box Grater £9

Scissors – the one thing that almost everyone forgets is a good pair of scissors. This pair come apart for easy cleaning, are suitable for both left and right-handed users and like our can opener, feature and integrated bottle opener – result! 

Soft- Grip Scissors £4

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