Behind the scenes in Denby’s factory

Behind the scenes in Denby’s factory

Want to see what happens as part of the process of making a Denby mug? Now’s your chance, as the pottery company is the latest brand to feature in the BBC series, Inside the Factory.

As an item found in lots of homes, in the show you’ll witness a mug (in this case Denby’s best-selling Halo Mug) transforming from raw clay all the way through to finished product.

Given each piece of Denby passes through over 20 pairs of hands at Denby’s 200 year old Derbyshire pottery, using handcrafting skills passed down through generations, Gregg Wallace has lots to do to create his Denby mug.

Known worldwide for its durability, beauty, and versatility, Denby is unique in the ceramic industry in using local Derbyshire clay to create its pottery and developing its own glaze recipes to create stunning glaze effects on its products, in particular the Halo glaze featured in the programme.

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You can watch the full story on Inside the Factory, BBC2 at 9pm Wednesday, 2nd February 2022 or find it on the BBC iPlayer.