Getting Back to School in style!

Getting Back to School in style!

While kids are often puzzled by the Back to School vibe in the middle of the summer holidays, every parent knows it’s time to start getting organised.

One of the biggest considerations is timing. Buy too early and you could get caught out by a  growth spurt or leave it until later and worry that you won’t be ready in time.

With all that in mind we’ve teamed up with the experts at M&S Outlet, Regatta, Clarks Shoes and Trespass to share some excellent advice and a handy Back to School checklist.

Whether you’re a seasoned member of the PTA or it’s your first school drop-off, here’s everything you need to know.

Oh, and by the way – on that first day, don’t forget to snap some pictures!

The school uniform

There’s nothing worse than a fraught week-day morning hunting for a clean school shirt. When it comes to school uniform, the mantra ‘less is more’ does not apply. More is definitely the way forward.

A supply of good quality shirts, socks, polo shirts and tights which wash well and are ‘fit for purpose’ make the school run much more enjoyable.

Marks and Spencer school uniforms offer styles that grow with them and are long-lasting and no faff. Easy to wash, crease resistant non-iron finishes save a great deal of time and effort.

It’s all about the name 

Whether you sew, iron, or scrawl, there’s one thing every new parent should know: put your child’s name in their belongings. With a class of 30 all wearing identical kit, the chances of your child’s jumper, cardigan or coat being safely returned to you without their name in it are slim.

You’ll end up spending hours rooting through lost property if you neglect to perform this one important task. And if you’re writing their name on the label, just remember, after a few washes it will fade.

With M&S Outlet’s boys and girls school uniforms being in ‘hand-downable’ designs you might only need the family surname!

Shiny new shoes

The long summer school holidays would not be complete without a trip to Clarks. It’s a time-honoured tradition that is handed down from generation to generation.

Getting your feet measured whether it’s by a machine or old school is a special experience.

Clarks offer a free fitting service for boys and girls where their feet are measured for length, width and depth. Book an appointment to avoid the queues.

For primary age children, don’t forget to pick up some pumps for PE too! For high school pupils, you may want to head over to Adidas, Nike and New Balance.

Essential kit

Kitting the kids out for the new school term doesn’t end with the uniform. There’s a range of essential items that they need to make the most of all the exciting activities and opportunities school life has to offer.

Trespass has a great selection of children’s waterproof and padded jackets, fleece, along with an extensive range of backpacks, wellies and accessories.

Regatta is another go-to store with everything from great outerwear and layering to backpacks and water bottles.

Another population destination for school backpacks is Vans – bringing a little bit of skateboarder vibe into the school day.

Head over to Claire’s to stock up on hair bobbles and clips – very important for girls with long hair. Lots of schools have specific rules about hair being tied back.

Regatta Back to School collection

The stationery cupboard

Another rite of passage for back to school: a new pencil case, pencils and pens. For children in secondary school, include a calculator too.

Head over to The Works to stock up on essential stationery items and art materials to start the new school year prepared and ready to go!