One Bubble is now open!

One Bubble is now open!

New bubble tea shop, One Bubble, is now open at Livingston Designer Outlet.

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink, give bubble tea a try next time you visit the outlet.

Choose from traditional milk tea, to fruity flavours including the popular green apple, mango and passion fruit.

There are endless ways you can customise your order, from the ice level, to the popping ball flavours, sugar and extra toppings.

Wondering what bubble tea is?

Bubble tea is a refreshing tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan. The milk and fruit-flavoured teas can be served hot or cold (over ice), with chewy tapioca ‘bubble’ balls that fall to the bottom of the drink.

Where can I find the new store?

The Bubble One kiosk is located on the lower mall, opposite Dune.

Ready to pop? Come and try One Bubble on your next visit.