Five Sisters Zoo

The Five Sisters Zoo offers a wonderful opportunity to get up close to 198 different species of mammals, birds and reptiles from around the world.  There’s lions, lemurs and lynx, wolves, meerkats and monkeys, parrots and porcupines, bat eared foxes, reindeers and raccoons to name but a few, all adding up to an exciting, educational and great value visit for all the family.

There’s keeper talks and feeding sessions throughout the day and if you fancy getting up close, why not join in with one of 3 daily handling sessions, with snakes, bearded dragons, tortoises, hedgehogs and giant African land snails. A definite favourite are the ring-tailed lemur feeding sessions, where you are able to hand feed these amazing and gentle creatures.  Kids and adults alike, love the hands on half and full day keeper experiences (these must be booked in advance).

There are many different areas of the Zoo to enjoy from the wonders of the Lost Kingdom Reptile House, Castle Zoo Petting area with bunnies, guinea pigs and goats to pet, walkthrough bird aviary and wallaby walkthrough, nature trail and Japanese garden to our magnificent ex-circus male lions and rescued brown bears who can be seen enjoying their 2 acre woodland sanctuary after 20+ years of life in a travelling circus.

The Zoo offers free parking, a cafe, large outdoor picnic area, fast food outlets and kiddies rides (these are both seasonal) and opening early summer of 2017, a brand new indoor soft play area and restaurant facility.  For further information and admissions please go to