Coronavirus Update

The safety, health and wellbeing of our guests and our staff is now, as it is always, our absolute priority.

All of our guest services teams and brand partners have been fully briefed to maintain the highest hygiene standards possible and we have put measures in place to clean our public places deeper and more frequently.

We are remaining vigilant about upcoming news and information, and are carefully monitoring how this situation is unfolding over the coming days and weeks  and will continue to follow government advice.

A number of brands have taken the corporate decision to close their stores temporarily  however the Outlet and majority of its brands remain open as usual and we are ready and waiting  to welcome you.

With this in mind and with some businesses making alternative arrangements corporately, be that a variation in hours or temporary closures,  the Outlet will be trading reduced hours from Thursday 19th March.  For full details of trading hours please click here

At this time the following leisure and restaurants are closed: Vue Cinema

Updated Monday 18th March – 9.48 am