Livingston Designer Outlet aims to provide a safe, relaxed, and friendly environment for all our guests.

To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone, the following activity is prohibited throughout the outlet and in our car park:

  • Any action that constitutes a criminal act.
  • Acting in a disruptive, abusive, or intimidating manner to others.
  • The use of obscene language or gestures.
  • Any act that could result in physical harm to self or others.
  • The consumption of alcohol or illegal substances.
  • The wearing of any item of clothing which restricts the view of one’s head/face (e.g. hoods, motorcycle helmets, balaclavas) with the exception of religious headwear.
  • The wheeling or riding of bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, heelies or similar.
  • Not overloading, moving, vandalising, or loitering around public seating areas.
  • Smoking including vaping
  • Bringing an animal into the outlet, except guide or assistance dogs.
  • Running, climbing or sitting on any escalator, balustrade, barrier, planting, fencing or railing.
  • Driving a mobility scooter at above walking speed and/or in a dangerous manner.
  • Creating loud noise, either through shouting or playing music.
  • Any photography or filming without permission from centre management.
  • The distribution of leaflets, canvassing, or conducting interviews or survey. To seek permission such activity please contact Outlet Management.

This list does not cover everything.

Livingston Designer Outlet is private property and reserves the right to refuse entry or to ask any person or persons to leave the premises if they are believed to be in breach of our Guest Code of Conduct.  The Livingston Designer Outlet security team are equipped with body worn video equipment to capture and record day to day activities in the outlet as part of our ongoing duty of care to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests.  Anyone who persistently breaches the guest code of conduct may be excluded from the outlet indefinitely.